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Logo Usage Guidelines

Treat the logo as artwork, not as typography. It should never be re-created or typeset.

Do not manipulate the logo. This includes but is not restricted to substituting or changing the logo color or font, applying shadows, outlines, or surrounding boxes, and using the logo as a window for imagery. Use only approved artwork in communications.

Please observe the following guidelines when using Caltech's logo:


Acceptable Colors

The primary color option for the logo is Caltech orange (Pantone 1585c, HEX #FF6C0C).

Positive reproductions of the logo may also appear in black or gray; reverse reproductions should appear in white.

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The orange logo should be used on lighter backgrounds and images to maintain legibility. This includes backgrounds that are white, less than 20 percent black, or more than 80 percent black.


The black and white versions of the logo may be used on any color background or image with adequate contrast.

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Clear Space

The Caltech logo must be surrounded by a clear space at least equal to one-half the height of "e" in the logo. The clear space is measured from the top, right, left, and bottom of the logo.

No other design elements may be positioned within this space, including typography, photography, or illustration. As a general rule, more clear space is preferred.

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Minimum Sizes

Logo Minimum Sizes

To preserve the integrity of our identity, reproductions below a recommended size are not permitted as they compromise readability.

  • The preferred logo size on 8½" x 11" print applications is 1.25".
  • The minimum allowable print reproductions for all of our logos is .75" width, with the width measured from the left edge to the right edge of the logo.
  • When using the logos online, or for any other digital media, please do not size the mark down less than 70 pixels wide.

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Hierarchy and consistent placement of the Caltech logo in a print layout is critical to maintaining our visual system, and for building recognition for the Institute without distracting from your message.


Caltech-Only Branded Pieces

The logo must be placed on the front or back of all printed materials.

Front-Side Application

Acceptable logo placement: Right side, upper to lower

  • Logo measures 1.25" wide
  • Placed minimum of .75" from sides

Back-Side Application

Logo as a signature with address and website information

  • Logo measures 1.0" wide
  • Address information in 8 pt Adobe Caslon Pro or alternate type (see Typography section).
  • Placed .5" from left and bottom of page




Caltech Logo in Lockup with Division or Department

  • Choose a horizontal or vertical configuration (see Sample Lockups page).
  • Place the lockup at the top of the page, a minimum of .75" from the top and sides.
  • The size of the lockup is determined by the size of the logo, which should measure 1.25" wide
  • Do not apply this placement to stationery. (See stationery templates in the Downloads section).




  • For co-branded (third-party logo + Caltech) pieces, the Caltech logo must maintain an adequate visual distance.
  • If using the Caltech logo with a partner logo, place in the opposite corner of the layout. (Example 1, at right)
  • You also may use the "triangle notch" as a container for the Caltech logo when two logos must coexist on a single side of an application. (Example 2, below)

Example 2


Example 1

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